1942 Columbia Superb "Victory Bike" (Serial number G30708)
 Owned by John Leva

  This Rare "Superb" would have been made early in the war. It has the "V" for victory on both the front and rear fenders. Rationing during the early years of World War II meant bicycle production was very limited for civilian use. The only advertised bikes made by Westfield Mfg. Co. were Men's and Ladies lightweight models. Those bikes had little to no chrome plating due to government restrictions. This bike was no doubt made from leftover 1941 Superb parts and would have been one of the last "Deluxe" model bikes available for several years.
 Westfield Mfg. Co. would continue to make bikes for the military including the famous "Paratrooper" take apart bike. They would also make Bazooka shell casings for the war effort.


JohnLivaVictoryBike/DSCN6390.jpg JohnLivaVictoryBike/DSCN6389.jpg JohnLivaVictoryBike/DSCN6388.jpg JohnLivaVictoryBike/DSCN6387.jpg
JohnLivaVictoryBike/DSCN6386.jpg JohnLivaVictoryBike/DSCN6385.JPG JohnLivaVictoryBike/DSCN6384.JPG JohnLivaVictoryBike/DSCN6383.JPG
JohnLivaVictoryBike/DSCN6382.JPG JohnLivaVictoryBike/DSCN6381.JPG


1942 Columbia Superb WWII “Victory” Bicycle (Serial Number G40362)
Owned by Duff Campbell

This bike is all original with original paint and chrome; only the parking stand has been painted black and the tires are BF Goodrich Silvertown prewar balloon tire remakes by Coker Tire (the tubes are the original BF Goodrich Silvertown). Columbia painted a “V” on each fender for “Victory” in WWII. Due to the war effort the truss rods, chainguard, fenders and rims were painted at the factory instead of chromed and “extras” like tanks and rear carriers were not used at all during the war. The brake arm strap is blacked out. It has a New Departure model DD two-speed set up with top bar mounted shifter. This is an extremely rare example of a Columbia Superb balloon tire bicycle that was produced in the early days of WWII and 70 years later still looks almost new.


1942MensVictory/V11.JPG 1942MensVictory/V9.JPG 1942MensVictory/V8.JPG 1942MensVictory/V7.JPG
1942MensVictory/V6.JPG 1942MensVictory/V5.JPG 1942MensVictory/V4.JPG 1942MensVictory/V3.JPG



1942 "Special DeLuxe" (Serial Number G29570)

 Here is an early example of a Balloon Tire WWII Westfield Made bike. Owned by Dominick Speziale of Hewlett NY this original "Special Deluxe" sports a Carnival head badge. The serial number is G29570. This makes this bike number 12,136 out of 95,424 civilian bikes made in 1942. No doubt made from leftover 1941 parts this bike still has chrome hubs and handle bars. It is even early enough that it does not have the "V" for Victory that would be on the bikes just a little later in the production run as can be seen on the two bikes shown above.







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