Presented here is a possible prototype Competition Racer dating from about 1984 – 1985. Found and now owned by Ken Varney this bike has both street and race day wheel sets. From initial research it may have been raced by a 1984 Olympic silver and gold medalist. Until I can confirm that I will not include his name or factory pictures I have of him since I do not have permission.

 What I do know is seeing this bike or one like it in the factory about 1984. It was explained to my father and me that Columbia had contracted one or more professional frame builders from California to develop a competition line of racers. This bike has the “Classic by Columbia” badge but it’s doubtful this high end racer was ever put into production in the Westfield Factory. A production quality line of racers did go into production under the Classic line but not with this frame or components.

 Here is a description of the components. By owner Ken Varney;

“There are no numbers on the bike to indicate a serial number. It's a lightweight frame and has a full Campagnolo groupo and I believe it's C Record but not certain of that either. Condor saddle and Mavic bull horn bars or aero bars. It came with two sets of wheels and I was told that one was for training and the other was for race day. Both are the tubular type.”




Here is the bike with its race day wheel.


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